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Passive Real Estate Investing with Mavericks

Mar 14, 2022

Join us as John Dwyer talks about the problems with traditional financial planning, how we’re losing money, and incorporating proper financial planning into real estate investing. If you’re thinking of ways to build wealth, make sure to listen to this one!

Key Takeaways from this episode

  • Common problems with traditional financial planning
  • Different examples of transfer of wealth
  • Why financial planners provide inaccurate average return rates
  • 24:55 How to incorporate financial planning into real estate investing
  • The best way to avoid making emotional decisions when investing


About John Dwyer

John Dwyer launched his financial services career in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2005 and began working closely with the dental students at the University of Minnesota Dental School.

With his wife in dental school and his father-in-law a practicing dentist, John quickly realized the unique needs of the dental profession and found his niche working with the dental and medical fields. 

Upon moving back to Bismarck, John founded Solid Rock Financial Group, INC., to help medical/dental professionals, business owners, and real estate professionals in areas of disability insurance, wealth accumulation, and estate planning…..with an emphasis on “money efficiency" and tax-free distribution strategies.

John has been recognized numerous times as one of the top producers in the financial services industry and was recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 250 Financial Security Professionals in the United States with over $1 billion of in-force insurance for his clients.

In his free time, John enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing, camping, and spending time with his wife, Maria, and their three children.  

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Neil J. Timmins is on a mission to make a deep personal impact in the lives of his team members and business partners through his work as a real-estate investor and mentor.

He started as a traditional real estate agent where his team was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a Top 100 team. Eventually, he made the transition from Realtor to full time investor. 

Over the course of his career, Neil has been involved in over $300,000,000 in real estate transactions. Neil’s portfolio depth includes assets ranging from houses to industrial properties. Recently, Neil and his team launched the Legacy Impact Partner Program where they partner with fix and flip investors from around the country. Neil’s team brings capital to fund and fix rehabs, operational expertise, and years of experience catapulting their partner’s business to new heights. Want to partner? You can learn more and book a call with Neil at

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