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Passive Real Estate Investing with Mavericks

Nov 18, 2022

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In this episode, believe in the power of establishing meaningful relationships and start seeing them as business opportunities. From a failed partnership to a cash flow-generating business collaboration, Brett McCollum shares the value of having a support system and learning the art of trust in a partnership. Listen in to acquire lessons about his story!


Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Why you should carefully choose your business partners
  • Benefits of being in a community of like-minded people
  • The importance of having a singular vision in a business partnership
  • Groundworks of developing a strong business mindset 
  • Reasons why your authenticity matters in selling anything


References/Links Mentioned
Sean Terry’s Flip2Freedom Webinar


About Brett McCollum

Brett loves to serve others first and foremost! He comes from a background of Insurance claim/settlements. While working for a Fortune 100 company, He closed over 5,000 claims! Then he moved on to Marketing and Business Development for an automobile injury practice and helped grow the company to expand to 7 locations. Currently, He is an active real estate investor having completed over 300 transactions and has a passion for helping others succeed!

Brett is married to his beautiful wife Courtney and they have 4 beautiful kids.

He grew up playing baseball from age 4 until he was 24.  While in college, he helped his team win 2 national titles! He’s a musician as well and plays 5 instruments.


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Neil J. Timmins is on a mission to make a deep personal impact in the lives of his team members and business partners through his work as a real estate investor and mentor.

He started as a traditional real estate agent where his team was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a Top 100 team. Eventually, he made the transition from Realtor to full time investor. 

Over the course of his career, Neil has been involved in over $300,000,000 in real estate transactions. Neil’s portfolio depth includes assets ranging from houses to industrial properties. Recently, Neil and his team launched the Legacy Impact Partner Program where they partner with fix and flip investors from around the country. Neil’s team brings capital to fund and fix rehabs, operational expertise, and years of experience catapulting their partner’s business to new heights. Want to partner? You can learn more and book a call with Neil at


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